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Medical Marijuana Evaluations

To qualify for a Washington State Medical Marijuana Card, you must have a valid WA State ID and medical records diagnosing your qualifying condition with a treatment plan. Call us to make an appointment and meet with our certified doctors to get your card. Walk-out-the -door cost for your card is $120 – NO HIDDEN FEES. Financial services are available for those who qualify. Call us with any questions and to make your appointment today.

Natural, Organic Medicine

All of our growers are local, certified, and legal donors to Choice Wellness Center. We regularly check in with our growers on-site to maintain our strict quality control guidelines to ensure the highest quality products. We offer green medicine, tinctures in many flavors, butter, and a wide variety of medibles.

Dosage-related Medibles

All of our products are measured in precise dosage measurements so that you know how much you’re taking, giving you control over how you take your medicine. We currently offer peanut butter, honey, roasted almonds (savory, cinnamon and sugar), brownies (mint, raspberry, plain), ChexMix, Goldfish crackers, granola, and cinnamon sugar cookies.

Magazines and Books

We offer a wide variety of cookbooks to make your own medibles, how-to grow your own medicine, and medical marijuana informational books.

Choice Wellness

Choice Wellness Washington is by the patients for the patients. By providing quality medicene and working with closely with doctors, Choice Wellness is the answer to all your medical marijuana needs!

Natures Medical

Nature's Medical is here to connect patients with the care they need. We offer Medical Marijuana authorizations and renewals for patients in the Seattle Area.

SOMA Foods

SOMA Foods provides great medibles and topical medicine for all sorts of ailments, giving our patients the relief they need.

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